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Why Shoreline?

Our Easy-Moving Process…

1. Upon Arriving,Our Experienced Movers will inspect your residence before prepping for service.moving large furniture
2. The Driver will explain all paperwork and get your signature.
3. Our Movers will start prepping your Residence:

  • We will place runners in main walkways!
  • We will pad wrap all Railings!
  • We shrink wrap all sofas, antiques, and all fabric.
  • We disassemble Beds, and reassemble.
  • We remove and install all dresser mirrors.
  • We service all D/R hutch tops.
  • We remove and install all table legs.
  • We disconnect and reconnect all washers/dryers.

4. Shoreline Movers is full service company, there is nothing we can’t do!
5. All our employees are polite and courteous and will answer all questions.

We guarantee this will be the best move you will ever make!

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Antique Specialists
Shoreline Moving & Storage specializes in all sizes of antique furniture. We take special pride and care in moving antiques. All furniture is shrink wrapped for extra support and protection. Shoreline also services all types of antiques, we know what needs to be disassembled for safe relocation. We have been moving antiques for many years, we service antique shows for most antique dealers in Connecticut.

packaging for large fragile itemsPacking & Prepping
All Shoreline employees are full time and experienced.
No-Temps! We take great pride in our qualified packers.
Our packers are personally and must past certified
vanline tests. All our certified packers are also trained
in all areas of antique packing and prepping. Shoreline
uses years of experience in antique packing and shipping.


Shoreline takes special care when packing glassand mirrors.  First all pieces are bubble wrapped
with large 1/2 inch quality bubble wrap. Then eachpiece is shrink wrapped to assure moisture is lock-
ed out.  After each piece is quality wrapped then its put into a mirror/glass box, which is made for
strength and durability.


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