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Helpful Moving Tips

1. Fill out change of address form. You can get them at the post office.
2. Drain all the oil and gasoline from your lawn mower and power tools.
3. Arrange to have the utilities disconnected and connected at your new home.
4. Prepare a “trip kit” for moving day, containing what you’ll need during transit.
5. Movers cannot take flammable items, oil, paint, aerosol cans, and chemicals.
6. Arrange to pay your movers with cash, check, or money orders.
7. Go over all the paperwork with the driver to verify the addresses.
8. Do a final inspection to verify that all items have been loaded for shipment.
9. After items have been delivered inspect and verify all items delivered safely.

Very Important Note:
If customer is packing their own residence, all glass must be properly packed. Mirrors, Glass shelves, Pictures, Glass table tops, Ceramic lamps, All fragile items must be bubble wrapped and boxed.

If the customer is unable to pack these items properly, Please call Shoreline Moving office ahead of your move date to make arrangements for this service.

If you have a booked packing service with Shoreline we will handle all your packing needs including all of above.


1. Moving Cost: In Connecticut all moves within the state must be charged by the hour. Additional services such as appliance service,
piano service, pool table service, jacuzzi service, swing sets service, etc..
may be extra. Movers in Connecticut are not permitted to give “guaranteed” price or “binding” estimates.
You will be charged for the actual services the mover performs by the hour.

2. Packing: Your mover can pack all or some of your items for an additional charge. If you decide to do your own packing, keep in mind the mover is not responsible for damage to items you packed. When packing your shipment be sure to note which boxes are fragile and the room the box should go to. Some items are restricted and should not be packed – food and plants can not be shipped. Do not pack – your moving documents, personal papers, jewelry, cash, high value items, and flammables or combustibles.

3. Valuation: Movers can’t sell “insurance”, but they can offer basically the same thing, called valuation. Just like insurance there are different coverages. You don’t have to purchase valuation, your homeowners policy might already have you covered. If you don’t purchase coverage, the movers liability is .60 cents per pound of the damaged article.

Moving Tricks of the Trade!

  • Shoreline Movers cover the floor, and railings with pads.
  • All electronics, and lamps will have the cords secure.
  • All glass from shelves and fronts must be removed and packed.
  • Small parts disassembled will be bagged and marked.
  • Sofas and some furniture will be shrink wrapped.
  • All table legs will be removed and labeled.
  • The water supply to washers or ice makers disconnected.
  • Boxes will be packed fully and properly labeled.
  • Garden tools will be bundled together for safe handling.