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Customer Testimonials

Great job. On time and very efficient. They worked hard and were careful with all my belongings. I would definitely use them again.
Kathy Donaldson June 2, 2014
These guys did a fantastic job!! They everythng we asked them to and did a great job of packing the truck.Well worth the money! They were on time, and worked quickly and finished the job in the minimum amount of time.Charles M. Windsor
Stamford, CT 06-24-2014


Robert Bavolacco

10:22am May 3, 2014

I am writing this message to tell you how extremely happy we were with your company, and the guys that moved us. Professional does not even come close to describing your team.
As you probably know, things got really ‘hectic’ at the last minute between the attorneys and agents, and we came close to putting our belongings into storage. Your willingness to work with us on this last minute crisis is more appreciated than you can imagine.
Every single item that was moved arrived without a single nick or scratch. The time they took to prepare the items, as well as the floors and walls of both homes was something I never experienced in my 17 years of home ownership over four moves.
I only have one request. Please be sure to refer ANY potential customers to me if they are looking for referrals on your company. I cannot speak highly enough about Shoreline’s ‘White Glove’ service, and the professional, clean, courteous, and friendly staff you employ.
Thank You for everything, Jon…..and for making our move the least stressful part of this entire process.
Very truly yours,

Robert Bavolacco – Global Product Manager

Product Line Management / Mail Finishing Line-of-Business

27 Waterview Dr. | Shelton, CT  06484  USA | MSC 27-3C

(: 203.922.5056 | 7: 203.617.6231 | *:


Nate Cartell,

My one mover was awesome. He came early and started right away. Two hour job only took an hour with me helping him moving in my one bedroom apartment from the uhaul. The couch couldn’t fit thru the door but he made it work by lifting tiles off the ceiling. Something i would never have thought of. He was friendly and good to talk to. Worked hard and fast and I was impressed. Thanks again for helping something I couldn’t have done alone!

Grace Donaldson

These guys were great! They arrived 15 minutes early, and they worked very efficiently. I had to move furniture and boxes from a storage unit into a truck. A job that took previous movers 1+ hours, these guys did it in just over 30 minutes. Plus, it was packed well enough into the truck to survive the 12 hour drive with no mishaps.

Angela Lapierre

The guys that helped us unpack in Connecticut on 9/6/10 were, for a lack of a better way of putting it, AWESOME! They showed up right on time, were 100% professional (used floor mats, padded railings ect.) and were courteous and affable. We paid for the minimum two hours, and they completed the job of unloading a FULL 26 foot UHAUL in one hour!!!! It would have taken me days to do what they did in an hour!!! I wish I could give them a ten star rating but five appears to be the maximum allowed…. I could go on and on about how satisfied I am with their service. It was worth EVERY DIME!!!! With services like Hire a and the people they do business with being available, one would have to either be insane, or ridiculously cheap to do it themselves!!!!!

Letter from customer July 9, 2009

Dear Jon,

Now that I’m settling into my new home, I wanted to write you a brief note.
My move on Wednesday, June 29th went beautifully-despite the downpour
of rain. I simply want to tell you that the “Two Ryans” did a great job. They
worked every minute, without taking a break in all that heat and rain. All
with a smile on their faces. It was truly a pleasure to have such guys do
the move and make it clean and fast. If you ever need a recommendation,
please let me know. Tell the “Ryans” thank you again.


Marilyn Noyes


Now that we are finally settled in our new home, we wanted to let you know
how much we appreciated everything you did for us. The reason we chose
you and your business was solely due to personal references. Our friends,
family, and co-workers assured us that you were professional, courteous
and patient…and they were right.
Shoreline Moving & Storage Company from Middletown, CT. They moved
quick, but were very careful and gentle with our furniture. The guys of Geo-
Metric were efficient, polite, and gentle.
You made our moving process relaxed and enjoyable.
Thank You So Very Much! We Love Our Home!

Edward DeMarco Jr. and Michele Neary March 2005