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Moving During the Winter Can Be Tough Business

Just as sure as their will be snow on the roads, you can guarantee a winter move to be much more difficult than a summer move.  Moving in Connecticut can be particularly stressful, due to the windy wooded roads (many unplowed and untreated), icey sidewalks, and freezing temperatures. What are some things your moving company should do to prepare for a winter move? De-Ice any sidewalk or concrete that is on the moving path Plan the route ahead of time, with a backup route in case of major road closures Secure and safely package all items in case their is a slip during transport Prepare moving trucks with plenty of washer fluid, de-icer, gas, oil, and all the essentials Plenty of water to make sure nobody gets dehydrated, moving is tough work! GeoMetric Moving of Connecticut has the years of experience you need for a winter move.  Give us a call for a free estimate at...
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